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Neijing Studies: Level I is a comprehensive year-long introduction to the theories and practices of the Huangdi Neijing. The course consists of forty online lectures divided into four academic quarters, interactive study sessions and two six-day onsite clinical training practicums that are given in both the United States and Europe.

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Neijing Studies: Level II builds on the basic knowledge acquired in Neijing Studies: Level I. This course examines the first thirteen chapters of the Huangdi Lingshu, the main text corpus upon which the practice of acupuncture is based, through line-by-line translations. The course consists of bi-monthly online meetings and readings with the instructor that take place over four academic quarters. 

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Neijing Studies: Advanced Clinical Practicums are designed to build on the theoretical and clinical skills acquired in Neijing Studies: Levels I and II. Practicums consist of multi-day clinical sessions in which patients are evaluated and treated. Emphasis is placed on training students to design and implement treatment plans for patients with serious and complex illnesses. Practicums are given in both the United States and Europe.

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“In early Chinese medical texts, the body was seen to be built around a special quality of light which flowed through the complex vascular rivers of the body. Initially, acupuncture was a form of external surgery that regulated the flow of these three-dimensional rivers, restoring the body’s inherent healing mechanism and allowing the elegant resolution of disease.”


I have been in practice for over 15 years as well as teaching Chinese medicine philosophy, theory and practice. Dr Neal”s course has been an eye opener, as he talked about many areas I had wondered about, but mostly as he combined my interests in philosophy and classical Chinese and rooted Chinese medicine firmly in the classics. He then proceeded to apply it… Amazing!
D.W., Acupuncturist, Teacher
Studying the Neijing with Dr. Neal has been like peeling back a curtain. His translation of the Neijing is remarkably straightforward, yet shines a new, modern light on what I’ve come to realize is a rich and still-relevant classic text. I came away from the course with a deeper understanding of the very basic principles of Chinese medicine and also its vast complexity. I think this richness and beauty of our medicine can too easily be undervalued or even dismissed altogether in any modern practice–no matter how successful—and what I once viewed as somewhat archaic and cryptic has instead become an inspiration and axis around which my work now revolves.
A.G., Acupuncturist, Member - Oregon State Medical Board
Dr. Neal has a gift for teaching. From the first 5 minutes listening to him, I could tell that I was about to have my whole world flipped upside down. His lectures are beautifully crafted as he takes unbelievably complex material and relays it in a way that a 6-year old could understand it. I began this class looking for ways to hone my treatment skills, but what I got out of it was so much more. Dr. Neal opened my eyes to how nature works and how the universe patterns itself and that is a gift for which I am forever in gratitude. He is absolutely inspiring. He is definitely an inspiration to me.
Joseph, Acupuncturist, father
This class brought it all together for me. I got plenty of techniques and protocols in school, but there has been a gaping hole in my soul craving the “why?!” and this class cuts right to the heart of it all. Dr. Neal doesn’t shy away from the “why?!” question for a moment; instead he goes right into it. Everything is explained in a way that is rooted and makes sense, and somehow because of that it all becomes even more magical! The ancient Chinese were looking at the same body that we are looking at today! Why in the world would we not approach Chinese Medicine like they were looking at the same thing we are looking at? Where did we get so far off-track that most Chinese Medicine graduates can’t confidently answer basic questions like “What is qi?” and “What are the jingmai?” Dr. Neal is rocking the Chinese Medicine world right now by asking the “why?” question and I am so glad that he is. Chinese Medicine theory and practice has never made more sense than it does now and I can very confidently look patients and other practitioners (Western and Eastern) in the eye and tell them exactly what I’m doing and why it makes incredible sense. Thank you so much, Dr. Neal. You have completely changed my practice and opened up a whole world for me. I’ve never been more excited about practicing Chinese Medicine.
J.F., Acupuncturist, Clinic Director